Hello again Guys!
Let's talk about Entrecard, one of the best ways to generate traffic!
This is a new way to generate traffic to your blog. It's fast, free & easy to sign up.What it is = basically an internet "calling card" or online business card. The widget in the sidebar is an ad for a blog. You create an ad for your blog, earn points, then purchase ad space in the sidebar of other blogs to publicize your blog! It DOES generate traffic to your blog. Yes it takes up some space in your sidebar, and some time investment if you really want to see that traffic escalate, but I think it's worth it! You're advertising YOUR own blog in the sidebars of blogs from all across the world. It's easy to earn points to purchase more ads (you can even have your ads running on multiple blogs in the same day!) and lots of Entrecard bloggers are having contests to earn points as the prize. Yes, that's right - points are transferable to anyone with an e-mail! You can even SELL (for real money!) your points if you want. Personally, I use 'em to buy MORE ADS to publicize my blog! Your ad is a 125 x 125 pixel ad that you create to publicize your site. Not creative? Then have Janna design a fabulous ad for you! You get to choose the blog ads you have in your sidebar. If you visit a site that has applied to purchase your Entrecard space for a day (ads last 24 hours), then you just politely decline them. When you feature them in your sidebar, you get points to buy more ads for yourself! When another member clicks the widget in your sidebar, not only do they get a point but YOU DO TOO! So, you're that much closer to buying another ad to publicize your blog!You can write reviews and select favorites of other bloggers at your home page. It's fun to go Entrecard widget-surfing and experience new blogs. It's like the "next blog" function, but when you visit a site, you click on the Entrecard so you gain another point - and you're that much closer to buying another ad for YOUR OWN BLOG! You can visit the their blog every day and click on the server's Entrecard ~ it's like a BONUS point every day! Why not earn a point for "dropping your calling card" each time you visit? Unlike other "get traffic to your site" places like BlogRush, it really works! I have experienced a measurable increase in traffic since joining it. If you still have questions, you can watch the video at the home page!


  1. marius // May 7, 2008 at 3:24 PM  

    ooooo...to many times entrecard....instead of helping your page rank, goole will block it and treat it as spam. Carefull!

  2. Blogger // October 7, 2016 at 10:56 PM  

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