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In this post i will tell you some things about traffic, more ideas you can find in Lesson 1. I've posting my ideas on how to make money online for people that really understand and really want to do some money online. Yesterday i have seen that Google excluded this blog from his searches. Why? I don't know but i want to find out and when i'll find out i promise that i will tell you so you do won't make the same mistake as me in the future. The blog that remains on Google Search is and this blog refers to the one you are reading now. OK, let's talk a little about how to promote your site and get traffic.

1. The best way to get traffic on your site is to get backlinks. Most of you already know what backlinks are but most don't. I explained everything about backlinks in Lesson 2. Other way to get quality backlinks is to post an article. Go to and post an article that refers to your site. You will see quality backlinks. For more information read Lesson 2.

2. Another way and a very good way to bring traffic to your site are forums. How? Very simple, using your signature referred to your site. Find 3-4 good forums, make an account, start talking to people, post your ideas and in the same time bring traffic to you site. For example on some forums my signature looks like this :
"Make easy money online! Free guide, free lessons to start making easy money online!"
and i assure you, one of ten readers will click on that link.
This signature was only an example, i used this context because this is what my site refers to, you can you use your own signature, to refer to your site and your ideas.


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