How to Make Money with Top Spots

The Top Spots widget has been out for a month and i have to ask why you have taken advantage of it. I don't mean taking out a $2 ad on every site with the widget in order to advertise your blog, i mean why aren't you all running affiliate links on as many sites as you can find?

For a dollar or two you can paste pasting affiliate links on various sites.

Try and find sites that rank well for their keywords and hence draws search traffic and then find a suitable clickbank product and buy the spot. Don't just buy spots on sites with high Alexa ranking or impressive RSS numbers as this just means they get a lot of un-targeted traffic that isn't likely to buy.

A few affiliate links have shown up on my widget lately and because the owners know how to write appealing come-ons for a "make money online" blog they are getting 5-6 clicks a day on my site. 70% of my traffic is from Google for make money online terms. They will likely get a week or more exposure here which means 35 or more shots at making a sale from my traffic all for a $2 investment. If this doesn't sound like a deal you are confused as one affiliate sale will bring in considerably more revenue than the expense. If you don't succeed you're out $2 - big deal. Work on your link wording and try again.

The Top Spots program is crap for advertising your site but as a marketng tool it's great. Do you know a better way to place your affiliate link on another site for a buck? This is the cheapest way you will ever find to hone your marketing skills so get to it!


  1. Blogger // September 5, 2016 at 4:14 PM  

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