Google PageRank

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Google PageRank (PR)

I know lots of webmasters and SEO gurus that say that PR (Google PageRank) does not really count so much... But believe me, it does!

Many webmasters just refuse to exchange links with you if they think your PR is inferior to their website's PR. Lots of programs could reject your site because of low PR, some directory owners display the list of sites ordered with PR.

So... follow these simple steps you can follow to get your sites PR higher than it is and maybe get some extra traffic while you are at it.

Tips on how to increase your Google PageRank (PR)
1. Post your link in forums using signatures and/or places that allow website reviews, put the site url in the signature with your target keywords for titles.
2. Submit to free and/or paid directories (in general the younger the directory the easier would be to get accept it in it) If you have other sites put sitewide links pointing to your new website. If sites are totally unrelated subject, put the links in the footer with small letter (the link still counts).
3. Put your link anywhere you can, without becoming a spammer (believe me, everyone hates spammers)
4. Find some high PR sites and pay for a link if you have to. There is lots of projects on the internet that accept donations as low as $50 and they put your link in a high PR page. For example moddle donations page has a PR of 6
5. Using your link in comment posts. This won't necessarily increase your PR but it could give you a few visitors if nothing else.