Bring More Traffic Using ENTRECARD and SEZWHO
For Entrecard members, SezWho is going to increase the quality of your Entrecard traffic 100 times as all your droppers start to leave comments, and it will give you an exciting new way to earn credits by leaving valuable comments on each others' blogs.

1.) By installing SezWho on your blog, others will earn credits when they leave you comments, and you will earn credits when you comment on others.
2.) Go to this URL to register for SezWho and notify Entrecard:
3.) There is a check-box on the Entrecard Browser, to search for only SezWho enabled blogs.

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How to configure your SezWho :

  • Ensure that your Blogger profile is public. Without this, SezWho will not be able to index your data and give you credit for your contributions.
  • Register your Blogger blog with on this URL .
  • You will receive an email containing a script that you will need to paste this onto your blog.
  • Login to the admin section of your blog and click on customize.
  • Then click on the "Edit" in HTML / Javascript section on this "Customize page".
  • Paste the script that you got in the email in this section. Click on Save Changes.
  • Click on Save to persist the settings.
  • You are all set now, and SezWho features should appear on your pages henceforth. Please note however that for larger blogs it may take a while before the features begin to show up on all the posts since the data sync process for such blogs may take some time.
The benefits of participating are:

1.) You’ll get A LOT more comments as members are more motivated to comment on you.
2.) You’ll earn credits for comments you’re already leaving!
3.) As you become motivated to comment more, you will start receiving more and more traffic, comments and subscribers.