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Some people play games. Some people work to make money. But others play games to make money! Does this sound too good to be true? It is not so easy like looks at first glance.
Most famous game in making money is World of Warcraft. People play to obtain an advanced character and sell the account to people without time or patience.
The problems come to the buyer if the seller acts in bad faith. For example the seller can take the money and reclaim the account after. So, in this case the buyer remains without money and no account.To avoid those kind of problem you need an account retailer for wow account. For example is a trustworthy company retailing World of Warcraft accounts. The benefits of use this company are so many. For example the most important is that your account will have a lifetime guarantee and protection from being reclaimed by a former owner or disabled by Blizzard Entertainment. Also, you will receive 24/7 customer support and service. It is good to know that all of the WoW Accounts listed on the web site has ownership of. When making a purchase you can be assured you are making payment to a legitimate company and not from a private seller.How much costs an account?... It depend of the account. I saw some accounts priced at $1299.0…


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