Hi guys,
Johnchow.com has a new contest. All you have to do is leave a comment here, in order to gain ONE entry for the withdraw that will take place at DotComPho , on the 21st of June.
If you want your chances raised up a little it's a good thing to post on your blog about this contest from MarketLeverage, and link it to the original contest post and MarketLeverage, as the grand guru of making money on line spoked:

There are two ways to enter the bag of stuff contest. You’ll receive one entry by simply replying to this post. Easy, right? You only have to reply once. You can reply more than once but you’ll still only get one entry.

You’ll receive five entries if you blog about this contest and send a trackback. Your post should link to this contest post and to Market Leverage. If the trackback doesn’t work, then enter the URL to your post in the comments.

What’s Inside The Bag of Stuff?

The bag will have the normal assortment of wearable Market Leverage T Shirt, golf shirt, jacket and cap so you’ll be able walk around town and be a human billboard. Not that you’ll mind doing that since the bag will also contain the following really good stuff.

This is a world wide contest. Market Leverage will ship the bag of stuff anywhere in the world.

Good luck and join now!