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Hello guys,
I have found a new and very easy way to make money online. It is called TickerBar powered by Green Horse. All you have to do is to register, install their toolbar and you will start earn money. They also have a very nice referral program. Let's see what is TickerBar.

What is
The TickerBar™ offers its members the ability to get paid just for using the internet. The TickerBar™ will not only show you current events, stock prices and weather, it will also display advertising. We pay our users for delivering messages as a reward for using the TickerBar™.

Why should I become a user?
Because you earn money for simply installing the TickerBar™ on your PC. If you want to earn more, just work on building your downline. It's not too hard to get 10 people to sign up and use the TickerBar™. Once you get 10, help them signup 10 and so on. If you signed up 10 people and they signed up 10 people, who in turn signed 10 people and so on for 6 levels, you would have over 1 million people in your downline! Yes, over ONE MILLION! OK, here's the math: 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 = 1,000,000.

What do I have to do to "get paid to use the Web"?
Just sign up as a member! You will immediately be assigned a user id and will have the ability to download the
TickerBar™ all within 60 seconds or less. The TickerBar™ you download will automatically be personalized to you. You then can re-distribute your personalized TickerBar™ to your friends and anyone who installs it will automatically be in your downline!

Is the TickerBar™ available worldwide?
Yes! Individuals of all nationalities are encouraged to apply for membership. All payments are in US dollars.

What do you mean by "6 Levels Paid"?

Being paid for 6 levels means you are credited for all the vested users who have signed up underneath you for 6 levels. If you sign up 10 people (level 1), and those 10 people each signup up 10 people (level 2), and those 10 people each signup 10 people (level 3) and so on up to 6 levels.
Here is how it would look if everyone signed up 10 people on 6 levels:

  • Level 1 10 - 10 Users
  • Level 2 100 - 10 Users Each
  • Level 3 1000 - 10 Users Each
  • Level 4 10000 - 10 Users Each
  • Level 5 100000 - 10 Users Each
  • Level 6 1000000 - 10 Users Each
When do I get paid?
Commissions are paid within 60 days after the following month where monies where requested. You may request a check anytime after you have accumulated $50 or more for (US residents) or $90 or more for (non US residents).

Can I user the TickerBar™ with other Paid to Surf Programs?
Yes! Other paid to surf programs are usually floating banners and will not interfere with the TickerBar™. The TickerBar™ takes very little real estate on your computers desktop and will not clutter your screen.


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