How DigitalPoint Forum can Help You Make Money Online

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DigitalPoint Forum currently has over 180,000 members. It is probably the biggest webmaster forum on the Internet. Everyday the web publishers, the Internet marketers, the bloggers and the beginners around the world meet in this forum to discuss and share information about web publishing and Internet marketing.

Because the forum has so many members and gains massive amount of traffic daily, you can use it to help you make money online. The forum created a special sub-forum called 'Buy, Sell or Trade'. This sub-forum allows you to post ads and offers about your products or services. There is no charge posting in this sub-forum and here's how you can utilize it to earn cash:

Offer Your Content Creation Services
Many webmasters need fresh and unique articles for publishing on their website and blog. The will go to this sub-forum and look for writers. By posting an ad stating that you are offering article writing services, some of those webmasters will reply to your thread or send a private message to you to place an order. You can charge $5 to $15 per article (400 - 500 words). However, if you just started out your writing business in DigitalPoint Forum, not many people will know about you. In order to get writing orders, you may need to set a low price, may be $5 - $7 per article.

Sell Templates
If you have designed a series of templates whether they are for website or blog, they can be offered for sales in DigitalPoint forum. Occasionally, there are people posting request for buying new template or template customization, you may contact them and offer your services.

Text Links and Blog Reviews Services
Text links and blog reviews have great demand as well. People who are interested to increase their inbound links will create new threads titled WTB Text Links or WTB Blog Posts. The 'WTB' simply means 'want to buy'. Click on each thread titled WTB and you should find some offers that are right for your website and blog. People often look for cheap text links and blog reviews, so it is advised that you set your price low or you will find it difficult to sell text links and blog posts in this forum.

Sell Digital Products
Do you own a lot of info products like e-books and software that come with private label rights or master resale right? A good idea is to bundle them into a package and sell it for a great low price like $10. Another idea is to create an e-book of your own and offer it to the members. As most members are webmasters so, your e-book has to be directly relevant to their interest. Like recently, a member posted an ad offering to sell his e-book titled 'How To Rank at #1 on Google for Any Search Term'. This ad catches tons of attention and I believe he has made a lot of sales.

Sell Websites and Domains
If your online business is about selling websites and domains, then DigitalPoint Forum may be a good place to increase your profit. Just post your URL there with traffic stat and revenue reports, those who are interested will place their bid.


  1. goofblogger // July 20, 2008 at 3:22 AM  

    Sounds like a great site to utilize. I remember reading a little bit about it a few days ago, but I had forgotten the name of the site. Glad that you had made this post:)

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  3. Atniz // July 23, 2008 at 7:31 PM  

    Great idea.. I am not into forums a lot compared to blogs. I should give it a try. I'm trying to increase my online income. Maybe, this can be a great source.

    I will start with article writings.

  4. Honey // July 23, 2008 at 10:27 PM  

    Thanks atniz, i am glad that i can help... Try to visit digitalpoint forum and give it a try.

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